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Ballet Stars

This is a story written by an author who was inspired by her daughter with autism. It was important to ensure a clear legible font specifically designed for autism was used. Colors and patterns were kept more muted with an overall soft sunny day feel as bold patterns and...

All I Gained

The author of this book was looking for a soft and elegant style of illustration to reflect the depth of the story being told. A series of photographs were provided which helped to create the inspiration for the characters.

Lockdown Town

A book illustrated to reflect the challenges and triumphs faced during the Lockdown. The author requested a casual and familiar style to help children understand, and help adults explain, how people learned, lived, and leaned on one another when the world locked down.

Good Day!

A children’s book highlighting why Michigan fun starts in the state’s southwest corner! The author wanted to take her readers on a journey through the antique shops, orchards and sand dunes of her home town. A project which was originally begun by another illustrator who was unable to complete...

Forgotten Wisdom

From sketching initial concepts to adding vibrant colors and intricate details, this is a series of books where each story delicately weaves together the heartwarming adventures of a new generation of children with the timeless wisdom passed down by their grandparents. Illustrating the rough draft sketch and created in...

Molly Makes

A delightful duo a young girl, Molly and her faithful canine companion, Gunner, are illustrated in a heartwarming tale of culinary adventure in ‘Molly Makes,’ where Molly and Gunner embark on a mission to surprise their hardworking mother with a special homemade meal. Through lush illustrations crafted with love...