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Storyteller Children's Book Illustrator Visual Development

Who Am I?

Why hello there!!! Curious about me? Well, thank you! I’m flattered! My name is Kathleen, I love coffee and coconut! But that’s not why you’re here, is it? Okay, okay… let me tell you why you’re really here. I’m an illustrator and I specialize in children’s book illustrations. I’m passionate about using my creativity to visually tell stories that can enrich people’s lives and create unforgettable connections. With 13 years of experience as an art director, I have gained specialized, progressive, and cumulative industry experience. I have worked with numerous authors, and they’ve published their books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, libraries, and local bookstores. I’m adept at understanding the artistic requirements for effective storytelling through visuals. I’m an artist who constantly strives to improve my work. My tenacious initiative and organization enable me to excel in any assignment with little to no direction. Storytelling is in my DNA, and I express it through my love for the environment by creating colorful illustrations that captivate the eye. I can easily adapt to any artwork style required by my clients to best suit their vision and bring their stories to life. In me, you will find an illustrator who is passionate, experienced, and committed to bringing your stories to life in a way that will leave a lasting impression.